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What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do
that You Can’t?

- November 19, 2015

What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do that You Can’t?If you are involved in an accident, you may shy away from obtaining the services of a personal injury attorney. You may even decide that you can handle the insurance company and court system on your own.

Handling personal injury cases are more difficult than you might think. In accidents involving worker’s comp, there are a lot of paperwork and deadlines that have to be considered. Missing a deadline or not filling out the paperwork properly can possibly cost you financial security. In situations of injury resulting from a car accident, one wrong statement to an insurance adjustor could decrease the settlement you are rightfully owed.

What is it that a personal injury attorney can do that you probably can’t do on your own?

Know What to Prove

In order to achieve the settlement that you are rightfully owed, you must prove:

  • Injury
  • Emotional Stress
  • Pain and Suffering

Not all injuries can be proven with an x-ray. An experienced attorney can guide you through obtaining the proper documentation that will help prove your injury. Emotional stress along with pain and suffering is also complicated to prove and to calculate. You cannot go in front of a judge, worker’s comp agent or the insurance adjustor and tell them as a result of your injury you are depressed.

There is often documentation and testimony that has to be provided in order to prove the extent of your injuries and stress. Sometimes, the testimony of an expert may be necessary. Personal injury attorney’s usually work with a team of experts that can help solidify your claim.

Know What’s Fair

Negotiating settlements is something that personal injury attorney’s do on a regular basis. They understand from experience what is fair and what to accept. If you decide to mediate on your own, you will end up sitting on the opposite side of the table, facing an accumulation of attorney’s and adjustors that negotiate to save their company money. Don’t go into battle alone, a personal injury attorney can share experience with you and guide you by explaining:

  • The odds of winning
  • Similar cases and their outcomes
  • Weaknesses in arguments on both sides
  • What to reasonably expect for a settlement

Not all personal injury cases lead to a million dollar settlement. A good and honest personal injury attorney can help manage your expectations. If you are handling the case on your own and over estimate what you think you deserve the results could lead to a bad settlement decision.

Handling Paperwork

The court system and insurance companies love paperwork. What do they love even more than paperwork? Deadlines. Knowing these deadlines, especially in cases that involve worker’s compensation may determine the future of your claim. Missed deadlines may lead to zero dollars in your settlement and possibly no opportunity to appeal.

Handling paperwork also includes submitting medical records and witness statements. If this is not handled properly, you may not be able to submit the evidence you need to prove your injury or your pain and suffering.

An experienced personal injury lawyer understands how to submit evidence, take statements, question witnesses, file paperwork and other procedures that need to be followed. Don’t put your future at risk because you do not have working knowledge of the rules of court procedure.

Choose Your Words Carefully

When talking to the court, government entity, other attorney’s or insurance companies, you may inadvertently misspeak. One wrong comment could lead to dismissing of the case or reduction in settlement.

Focus on your recovery and let the experienced expert talk to and handle the case for you. A good personal injury attorney can relieve you of the legal burdens and help provide peace of mind to you and your family.

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