For some people speeding is fun, for others, perhaps over-scheduled, it seems a necessity to get somewhere on time. Not only do these people risk traffic tickets, they risk their own and others’ safety.

Speeding increases both the likelihood and the damage of an accident. The momentum of the car that hit you was higher due to the speed. Speeding increases the risk of skidding on slick surfaces, lengthened stopping distance, and reduces reaction time. It is more difficult to notice signs, other vehicles, and dangers ahead.

Multi-Tasking and Reckless Driving

A sign of the times, those speeding to their next appointment may also be multi-tasking. This may involve use of a cellphone, smart phone or other device. It is tempting to think you are being efficient, but this is risky behavior.

Weather and Road Conditions

Any trooper will tell you that driving too fast for the current conditions equals driving too fast, period. Police and investigators can usually determine from evidence at the scene of an accident whether someone was speeding. And this is strong evidence of fault. Contact us to demand compensation from the at-fault auto driver. If someone injured you or a family member while speeding, he or she should compensate you fully for your damages.

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